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Deal of the Day for 10/07/15

The Oct/March Gluten is the deal of the Month, if you are a gluten user, now is the time to nail it down.
Best price in a very long time WES

Why not BID If You Have A Number In Mind !     

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
I have been sitting here watching the numbers go by and I have noticed that quietly we have started hitting some new crop canola prices that bear a second look.
At $281.50 del for October-March we are just below the midpoint on which most of this year was done (ie $285.50.

This season it appears that we are getting very close to
the 2014/15 average for April/Sept. Suggesting that the New Crop Oct/March at $281.50 del. might just be the number to start laying down some for next year. For the past 3 years the early-early numbers were the best and in many cases we NEVER got back to them. Look at WCS, we came out at $380.00 del for clock and we canít do $390.00 now a month later.

Same is true for new crop Almond Hulls at $169.00 del. if the drought does last for another year, that could be a very attractive number.

Give me  a call if I can do you any good,
Thanks, WES

Tuesday January 20, 2015

While corn prices are going nowhere in a hurry, up one day whatever they were down the day before, Prices for Corn by products however, (other than ddg ) are getting weaker.

Ample local inventory is starting to work in the dairymenís favor. While I agree that we should see sharply lower numbers after March when hopefully large and early planting season will put great pressure for farmers to liquidate the on farm stored grain & beans, but until then we have JFM Gluten at $210.50 del and JFM Corn Germ at $216.50 del.

Donít be afraid to bid and volume talks,

Thanks for your time,


Wednesday October 22, 2014
Mega harvest leaves U.S. farmers battling bugs in storage bins
(Reuters) - With record harvests depressing prices, U.S. farmers are holding tight to their corn and soybeans and binging on chemicals that protect stored grain from critters or even leaving corn standing in fields over winter to avoid storage charges.

Still flush with cash after years of record income and with shipping rates near record highs, farmers have resources to store grain rather than sell into a down market.
***** Read the whole article here.

Current US Drought Monitor - New map released each Thursday

NATIONAL DAIRY MARKET NEWS AT A GLANCE - For the week of May 4-8, 2015
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